Elusive love

While God expects the entire humankind to discard the world for Him,

some humans crave lifelong for one fellow.

Desperate to escape the pauperism of love,
they lap up attention that turns out to be a fake penny
that a frail beggar had visualized a piece of bread on.

For one leaf, they wait, wait, wait;
but spring’s itinerary happens to be selective until they pass away.

Music credit: Deep Sky Divers

Elusive love

At the Altar of My Departure

Destiny had me look for him in autumn
when fall colors seduced and disappeared;
the delusion of his discovery marked the youth,
and this is the labor that has no compensation!

He whispered: “Spring is not far!”
He whispered it today, and I remember years back!
Now I whisper:
“Spring will joyously appear
at the altar of my departure;
offer fragrance to my ashes
when I would be no more”.

At the Altar of My Departure