Being Worthy and Worthless

God, your creation was wasted when you created me. You adorned me with ornaments
that have no use to me, nor to this world.

These breasts, which began to form as I grew up,
reminded me I would be a mom one day.
And I knew nature chose me to be a mother and I felt superior to men.
And what a match to my chest -you filled it with motherly affection,
but forgot to gift me a baby!
You lavished gentleness on me, and loyalty is so embedded.
But men don’t care, like a blind man refusing the gift of eyes.
You gave me a lovely smile.
And some flirted, appreciating it. But should this smile want to spread like a rose,
they have refused to yield a space of their garden.
You blessed me with intellect. Men are much impressed.
But they’re fearful to be proud to have a smart brain
shine in their room.    Oh! I understand- instinct wins the game.
But nature was generous with me to satisfy lust as well,
but men’s hunger will find a mere crumb in me.
Being Worthy and Worthless

Hide and Seek

Let your children play hide and seek.
Realize this is exclusive conferment on childhood,
Since when you advance in age,
who cares to seek you out?
even if you’re hiding not too far!
Since as children, we want to outsmart the buddy;
as adults, we grow desperate to be discovered!
We drop hints of our presence.
But the world eyes freshly blossomed flowers.
Hide and Seek

If No One Misses You

“You should have no reason to be sad,
you have got everything!”

The world tells you!

Yes, you have got all comforts,
and your room is full of luxuries

which don’t care for your existence
nor do they care if you’re glad to have them

They’re for you; you’re for no one.
They’re your need; you’re  no one’s.

You’re not missed!
The world is quite big. But you’re not missed!
Or perhaps, that’s why!

You say  hi and get a warm reply.
You wish and get a flower in return.
You share a problem, and advice you get.
But you’re not missed!

You know the world is supportive enough
to lift you up, if you fall. But you’re not missed.

You don’t want the entire world to be desirous of you.
You need just one who would say: “I miss you!”

If No One Misses You

The Complaint of Toys

Adults have their own ‘toys’ for sale.

What an abominable meaning they
have imparted to us,
stretching our limbs to suit their lusts,

just as the word ‘baby’
feels uncomfortable
when some men call
a lady a ‘baby’.
Did they discern in her ‘baby-ness’
or delight for nights?

We wonder how long we would be
in demand
for kids,
since childhood is contracting:

a 10-year old ‘adult’
will be buying a toy
for his girl-friend’s baby.

The Complaint of Toys

The Theft of the Sky

Humans fantasize about flying,
and curb our freedom of flight!

God gave us the sky,

humans stole it for fun and travel,
relocating us to the cage,
tearing the gift of wings Providence gave us!

Stars, be prepared to protect your shine;
clouds, be in firm control of your destination;

and we pray to God,
not to give wings to humans,

and to foil their efforts at tweaking
the natural design,

since today we can have
a glimpse of the firmament.

The Theft of the Sky

When Innocence Outlives Your Age

Ah! The pangs of being adult!
Swings catch my fancy,
toys still attract, and immature conversations engage.
You know I never played with
Barbie, a woman to me!
My fantasies discern child beauty
in cherubic cheeks and almond
eyes of a cute doll!

I don’t like adult talk!
I’m more childish than children,
and no one likes innocence as much as I do!

When Innocence Outlives Your Age