Elusive love

While God expects the entire humankind to discard the world for Him,

some humans crave lifelong for one fellow.

Desperate to escape the pauperism of love,
they lap up attention that turns out to be a fake penny
that a frail beggar had visualized a piece of bread on.

For one leaf, they wait, wait, wait;
but spring’s itinerary happens to be selective until they pass away.

Music credit: Deep Sky Divers

Elusive love

Celebrating Singleness

Woman, should you ask God for a gift,
ask for mental strength that never depletes.
So if you were to find yourself
in a cheerful place, in a dark forest,
in an unknown island, in a snowy region
with a downcast sky,
your spirits should be high, bright, unmoved.
You’re not meant to be cast in the imagination of a man,
 who is certainly not indispensable for your existence!
Celebrating Singleness

Being Worthy and Worthless

God, your creation was wasted when you created me. You adorned me with ornaments
that have no use to me, nor to this world.

These breasts, which began to form as I grew up,
reminded me I would be a mom one day.
And I knew nature chose me to be a mother and I felt superior to men.
And what a match to my chest -you filled it with motherly affection,
but forgot to gift me a baby!
You lavished gentleness on me, and loyalty is so embedded.
But men don’t care, like a blind man refusing the gift of eyes.
You gave me a lovely smile.
And some flirted, appreciating it. But should this smile want to spread like a rose,
they have refused to yield a space of their garden.
You blessed me with intellect. Men are much impressed.
But they’re fearful to be proud to have a smart brain
shine in their room.    Oh! I understand- instinct wins the game.
But nature was generous with me to satisfy lust as well,
but men’s hunger will find a mere crumb in me.
Being Worthy and Worthless

The Theft of the Sky

Humans fantasize about flying,
and curb our freedom of flight!

God gave us the sky,

humans stole it for fun and travel,
relocating us to the cage,
tearing the gift of wings Providence gave us!

Stars, be prepared to protect your shine;
clouds, be in firm control of your destination;

and we pray to God,
not to give wings to humans,

and to foil their efforts at tweaking
the natural design,

since today we can have
a glimpse of the firmament.

The Theft of the Sky

Don’t Call Carnal Pleasures Divine

With an inexperienced person like me
a male shared unabashedly:
“Carnal feeling is akin to being proximate to God!”

Hearing his unsolicited sermon on the pleasures of flesh,
I cried within, wondering:
“God, I thought you resided in the heart!
But humans have pushed you down—
how do you feel?”

I might be inexperienced. But one thing I state defiantly:
Elevating carnality to divinity is like calling “coal” “elixir”
and urine a fresh shower!

Men, now you listen:

“The lower order of your body shall remain lower
like a poor person doomed to poverty,
and no amount of ecstasy you feel
can claim divinity
which is born at the altar of the
victory of spirituality over sexuality!





























Don’t Call Carnal Pleasures Divine