An Invite from the Aliens

Those eyes appeared in the sky
like abruptly formed fishy canyons

so clear, so patient to permit of the alien world
my minute observations, while the sparse stardust
flowed gently within to and fro.

And what a design:
the peripheries studded with bright green opals;
the cadmium orange strings coiling around the lashes;
and the shining grey sclera serving as the background
to the spectacle of idle pleasures that I narrate about:

the dwarfish beings rolled over down
the spongy triangled mounds to the light blue sandy ground;
the breeze of colored dots ruffled their twin
spindly pony tails which issued like a fountain
beneath their cone-shaped vestigial ears–
a decorative piece matching the round faces;
and there followed their gung ho climb to the top of the mounds.

Then they lifted their elastic bodies up,
went up higher and higher meanderingly,
and twirled down onto the mounds like a knife in the air
that spins around to target an apple.
That was a stunning pliability of their bodies:
perfect obedience elicited by the will of gaiety.

The aliens displayed to me the special dress
that accelerates childish ecstasies:

I. A belt around the waist with buckles
which release rectangular parachutes
with buttons for three directions—

under the ground with enormous water
deeper and deeper into which you go chasing the colored smart ball
that of fences creates a maze,
and the apt use of tentacles is what you need to capture it
by discerning its presence in the confusing signals it sends;
in north, the roller coaster produces spectacles
of diversity of universe, as if one is led from room to room:
Daedalus of the moon whose peaks facilitate ‘hide and seek’,
the luminous blueness of Pleiades that creates a visual awe
and whose heat the aliens don’t feel,
the rotation of asteroids and pulsars,
seated on which they look like a dragonfly that rides a horse,
and the joyous flight within nebulae;

in south the parachute pierces through
shining empty spaces horizontally, which one would measure at
1000 meters per second, chosen by the ultra-adventurous among them.

II. A conversion badge with knobs for different appearances:
a fairy, an angel, a human, a butterfly, a swan, a reptile,
whose distinctive funs encounter first the sieve of alienage
that barricades unchildish sensuality.

And when energy turns feeble
and bodies begin to turn into foams
the aliens lie supine and set in motion the mechanism.
Vibrations work their way up, unleashing the dynamic rainbows
that gyrate across the bodies and come to a stop
when energy rejuvenates each cell,
appearing as juicy seeds of a pomegranate.

The ends of the eyes in the firmament were conjoined with a ring,
all of a sudden which suspended a ladder of twinkling beams,

which I refused to climb, though it promised fun, and fun I like!

My stern feet like a statue and my waiving hand
were smartly understood by the messenger.
The ladder was withdrawn. A blue curtain was drawn.
The sky became clear and quiet.

When tears, struggles, sorrows amply define the terrestrial life,
can one turn down such invite?
I thank my fortunate moments for the elaborate sight
that like a disk is fixed safely in my brain.
For delights, however, would I have left my tasks unfinished?
For the prospect of fun, should I have retreated from the mission,
whose hardships I don’t say I’m happy to embrace,
but I’m not willing to run away from either!

My fantasies spring from the mind,
and in the mind they collapse!

(Source: Romi Jain, Aquill Relle Magazine, Jan-April 2004; published in the category of a poet of the month)

An Invite from the Aliens

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