If No One Misses You

“You should have no reason to be sad,
you have got everything!”

The world tells you!

Yes, you have got all comforts,
and your room is full of luxuries

which don’t care for your existence
nor do they care if you’re glad to have them

They’re for you; you’re for no one.
They’re your need; you’re  no one’s.

You’re not missed!
The world is quite big. But you’re not missed!
Or perhaps, that’s why!

You say  hi and get a warm reply.
You wish and get a flower in return.
You share a problem, and advice you get.
But you’re not missed!

You know the world is supportive enough
to lift you up, if you fall. But you’re not missed.

You don’t want the entire world to be desirous of you.
You need just one who would say: “I miss you!”

If No One Misses You

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