I Wish to Fly

I fluttered my wings,

getting ready for my first flight into the air

My mom and dad, siblings, and friends—

all gathered to see me fly

“Get set and go,” shouted they


Sun rays fell on my fresh feathers

I was gliding with the air currents

“Come back now,” my mother shouted

“Just a few rounds more,” I replied.


After performing antics like an acrobat,

I perched on a roof wall, singing a song

I felt being tugged

He clasped me

I tried to escape

He squeezed me, tightened his hold

Some of my feathers came off, blew high into the air

and disappeared


I kept resisting, my little soft body ached

I was bundled into the stuffy iron cage

I’ve been there since then, haven’t met my kin since then

I’ve been watching others soaring into the sky

I’ve broken my beak trying to get out to join them

My eyes have swollen as I shed tears at my fate.

Will anyone of you come and release me?

I wish to fly!

I Wish to Fly

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