Don’t Call Carnal Pleasures Divine

With an inexperienced person like me
a male shared unabashedly:
“Carnal feeling is akin to being proximate to God!”

Hearing his unsolicited sermon on the pleasures of flesh,
I cried within, wondering:
“God, I thought you resided in the heart!
But humans have pushed you down—
how do you feel?”

I might be inexperienced. But one thing I state defiantly:
Elevating carnality to divinity is like calling “coal” “elixir”
and urine a fresh shower!

Men, now you listen:

“The lower order of your body shall remain lower
like a poor person doomed to poverty,
and no amount of ecstasy you feel
can claim divinity
which is born at the altar of the
victory of spirituality over sexuality!





























Don’t Call Carnal Pleasures Divine

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