Men, Money, MNCs

They’re brilliant
their acumen for business and management
their strategic mind, their problem solving skills
their ability to negotiate, to clinch deals
put rival corporations on the path to prosperity:
economy gets a boost, unemployed get jobs
The influential men think:
we’re perfect, we’re successful, what are morals–no use to us!
And now women are the easy prey, they whisper to their friends.

Women, I have a complaint:
why build your dreams around men!
why men’s pockets for your greed?
why belittle yourself before money of men?
Unseat them from positions of power!
Become leaders! And let us discuss how!
Make yourself unavailable—
as difficult a reach as that of a star,
as glaring as the sun
that men wouldn’t even dare stare!

Men, Money, MNCs

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