A Maze by A Shrewd Poet

A shrewd poet creates a maze for others:

Shrewdness that runs parallel to creativity
as a slender streak–
meek and submissive
when creative forces are at peak
which when subside,
it rears its head cautiously,
like a lady running away from the home
at night clandestinely.

The maze defines the movements in direction
the shrewdness designed:
reinforcement of the belief
in the poet’s confines in imagination,
her laughable eccentricities, her stark emotions
as unrestrained as a careless pouring of soda
in brimming liquid.

And the readers make silly judgments,
and get erroneous impressions.
The poet smiles and rubs salt into her own
conjectured wounds

What’s the way out?
The poet led them inside
the poet would take them out;
the exit awaits creation of a magnificent palace
stimulating utterances of “wow” or silent envious murmurings
once they step out!

A Maze by A Shrewd Poet

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