I bid goodbye

I bid goodbye and join my communion
where I’m awaited with enlightened calmness.

Rising higher and higher
I would see from a distance the illuminating gate–
bright gold. The individual beads would focus on me
and my self will be shining in their celestial rays

The home on earth would be exposed as a dream.
Consoled by fellow selves after arousal from the dreary slumber
I would pray for a complete erasing of earthy trace

“Obtain the grace of the supreme self!” (the injunction from the messenger)
Complete solitude–my self and the shining round periphery, the uncrossable hedge against matter.

A struggle will ensue as I will shield myself from recurring memories
without craving affection and attention;
the sturdier contemplation on the Goddess be my defense–my solemn prayer would issue.

Passing through numerous stages, escaping each assault,
may I clear hurdles and be worthy of supreme blessing.

Protected against earthy contact, I would reach the higher stage—
unison with fellow selves in collective meditation on Almighty:
environ of order, peace, harmony.

We will be softly pulled inside the supreme core–
individuality and collectivity shall be perfectly intact—
merged with the complete bliss that
we on earth can’t imagine!

I bid goodbye

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