Durge! Liberate!

Maa Durge!  Jagadambe! Jagatjanani! Ambe!Just as a magnet loses attraction, this world is no more enchanting–the world where purity, innocence, kindness have been superseded by impurity, wickedness and cruelty; where greed for flesh and wealth reigns supreme;  where men and women burn in the fire of lust; where tears are not innocent and smile is fake; where love is fickle and loyalty is vaporous!

What am I to do by coming back? I have no attraction for affluence, no desire for coquetry; no ambition for power. I seek purity, nothing else.

Durge! If you were to make me the ruler of this world,
I would prefer refuge under your soft feet.
Let me reside in your kingdom, Durge!!Your kingdom, as I visualize, is ruled by Moral Dharma; you the dispenser of justice, you the protector of purity–the empire where liberated souls in harmony will be lost in meditation; where they will recite hymns in your glory; where a huge fragrant flame will be burning–the flame that has vanquished the darkness of sin!Durge! We souls will be like little earthen lamps arranged in a circle around you–you’ll be pouring in the ghee of immortality extending our stay in your empire; don’t send us refugees back, Durge we pray!!

We souls will be the saplings and  you the pure elixir blessing our growth under the sun of contemplation on your might and kindness. We’ll be shining like crystals, wiped of memories of this world–completely detached like a bird separated from the land and united with the sky.

Durge!! Shower your grace- bless me with liberation. May this be the final birth. Durge! Liberate!
Durge! May the fame and wealth of this world not distract me
May the candle of lust not melt my resolve
May nothing be as dear to me as you:
dwell in my eyes so no impurity may make inroad;
dwell in my heart guarding against occupation by anyone else;
dwell in my breath so no dust of sin may prolong my earthy existence;
dwell in my mind so no thought separating you from me may
As death approaches, Durga! Appear before me and take me to your world just as a  mother puts her baby to sleep.
I don’t aspire for Heaven, Durge!  I desire you Durge!!

May I desire you not as an escape from difficulties, Durge!
May I desire you for yourself
and I leave this world as a warrior and savior!

*Published in Aquill Relle Magazine, Jan-April 2014.

Durge! Liberate!

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