Preface to Voices of Rocks in the Dusk

The longing to open up my heart to reveal bruised and resilient emotions prompted me to write this preface which, I hope, would serve as a message to mankind, since the agony, anguish, and yearning for affection implicit in these poems are universal.

Voices of Rocks in the Dusk primarily deals with the theme of love in light of depiction of deception and tenacious moral convictions. Adherence to principles may result in bitter loneliness, as symbolized by the loneness of rocks in the dusk. Unmindful of the unpleasant outcomes, however, a person of moral integrity would refuse to compromise, as “Restraint”, one of the poems, says: “My passions flowed like a slender stream, sieved by conviction. Your charm certainly shook me as a quake shakes a house: too feeble to bring it down!”

I would like to make a special mention of “A Virgin’s Pain” that is
a deeply misunderstood poem; it does not depict lovemaking scenes, though it might suggest it does. I leave it to the reader to unravel it. Echoing almost a similar theme, “The Bird with Her Own Sky” represents the moral boundaries erected by a woman around herself.

While some of the poems carry an acerbic tone, others, to me, are
nectarous with the ingredient of love, as the following lines exemplify:
“…I bow to you, sir! To you I offer myself in complete submission
….O’ my lord- my vanity, my pride, my proclivity to argue, my reason, my ambition —that make me unacceptable to the world and of which I haven’t had the slightest regret—melt down and vanish in your rays, for you, the brightest sun, penetrate my stony passions and crumble them!”

Feminists who might detect condescension would be failing to discern the egoless love (the hallmark of real love) in such verses. Poems such as “Not for You”, however, caution the undeserving men: “Trespass not on her territory, her fragrance is not for you; she has blossomed for someone special—not for you!”

The later portion of the book contains my reflections on different aspects of life, and poems related to God.

I would conclude this preface with a message for men:
Don’t downplay a woman’s moral discipline, her chastity, and her
innocence by terming her “traditional”! Refrain from taking the refuge of liberalism to hide your own moral lapses! And remember: access to the body is not access to the heart, just as sailing in waters is not enough to reach the treasure lying at the bottom.

-Romi Jain
Note: This book will be out this year.

Preface to Voices of Rocks in the Dusk

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