Review: Poetry! You Resurrect Me

Ordinarily we read a sentence and can almost jump ahead to imagine what comes next. What follows almost any statement is usually something within our realm of possible experience. It is often typical expressions about places, objects, feelings, sensations and ideas that we have heard before, seen before, lived before. We are comfortable with the status quo.

Romi Jain, in her book Poetry! You Resurrect Me, presents us
with visual poems but not in the familiar sense. Her images surprise,
even jolt us awake to take us beyond the expected, the orderliness and commonness of comfortable statements. It is, however, not a jarring ride because Jain stops short of deep abstraction. She lifts us high enough to introduce her light, reflective nuances of language while remaining steadfast on the earthy soil. It is a powerful combination.

Skilled in beautifying subjects from science to humor and a touch of
the celestial, Jain’s strong and consistent voice personifies her declaration in the book’s preface that “…a poem carries a magnetic charm…” Jain’s words are like the wind that supports the wings of birds in flight – you hardly notice that you are reading. This is true about one of my favorite poems in this collection “Celestial Bath” where you are buoyed up by the images and emotions (sometimes uncategorized) that follow. Like Wallace Stevens, who is far more abstract, Jain’s words lift us out of reason and fly us to an inexplicable joy. Yet she does not leave us there to flounder around in an amorphous state but safely lands us on a tree branch.

The experience of Poetry! You Resurrect Me as a whole is similar
to eating cotton candy and we are left with the sweetness.

Alice Shapiro
Poet Laureate of Douglasville, Georgia

Source: The Taj Mahal, Vol. 12, No.1, p.215.

Review: Poetry! You Resurrect Me

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