Preface and Dilemma

I’m ready with publishing my third book, and am working on a preface. A dilemma has ensued: how to prevent myself from pouring in emotions lest readers should find themselves caught in a downpour, unable to sail to get to the other side of the ocean…. The preface of this book would be extremely important because the poems, which to me though quite simple this time, are filmed by the complexity of personal experiences, making the poems susceptible to varying interpretations.

Although I don’t care how these poems are perceived, the inner longing to open up my heart to show the bruised and resilient emotion is prompting me to have my preface serve as an ever-lasting message to mankind.

It is based on the conflict between expectations and reality, intensified by the calculating moves of those who are driven by selfish passions, who refuse to see and appreciate love for them, who would want your flesh rather than a place in your heart. Women who find that their piousness is ignored as a trinket and whose dying skin sells, should be able to relate their experiences to these poems. And males who can’t understand these women (I emphasize, ‘these women’) should be able to get a glimpse of the overwhelming storm raging in their hearts.

Preface and Dilemma

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