A Rainy Night

It was a rainy night;
A comely figure shined under the lamp post light.
A young man asked his friend to stop the car
“Hey man! Where‘re you going? Just get in;
We‘ve to leave,” the friend shouted
“You may leave,” the man replied.
“You won‘t get any bus till the morning…
I‘m leaving,” the friend yelled
The friend drove off, the man didn‘t care.
The alluring figure tempted the man
Who waded through the pools of water,
Carrying an umbrella.
On the spur of the moment, he stood
Before the figure, and reeled off:
“O beauty! Stand under my umbrella;
Protect thy soft figure- a pixie‘s silhouette!
Your face is a simmering pearl
The cascading hair a lovely gorge;
Don‘t think too much, come on.”
The figure so long standing silently
Gave in,
Stood under the umbrella,
And uttered: “Thanks!”
A bolt from the blue!
The man at once removed the umbrella,
Stared the figure right in the face,
And gave a cry: “a man!”
The figure nodded—laughingly.

Source: Romi Jain, Poetry! You Resurrect Me, 2011


A Rainy Night

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