To Durga

Durga! O’ Goddess of compassion and power,
affection, refuge and protection:

Cleanse my soul of passions before I leave!
It’s been a long journey and
I fear getting dirty!
The blue-red hills, studded with diamonds,
dispersed with your magnanimous hands,
look serene and soft: I see you rising;
the cosmos appears like a dot.

Your eyes shelter vast silvery streams of kindness;
the gigantic flames burn out sins and evils;
your hair branches out across directions
Ah! the sky is black and fragrant.

I own a home in you, don’t I?
Isn’t it bright with rays?
Residing in the vortex
of the coiled silvery layers
the liberated spirits–
absolutely desire-free.

Goddess! Accommodate me!

Image Source: MS Office Clip Art

To Durga

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