Her New Abode

Her fair face looms brightly on the
… Blue horizon–
Beneath the rose petal-shaped mentum
White boats sail in the purple water.

Her almond eyes meet mine and shine;
The supple lips—an inverted rainbow—
Pulsate in elation as my kiss approaches
Gliding along air-currents amorous
To redden the orifice with love, to wet
With steamy dews the sleek philtrum.

Not watered since her departure, seeds
Have sprouted, formed into saplings,
Borne fruits—evidently her miracle!
The imprint of her puerility I find on the
Wind that tickles me at night, tugs at
The quilt, making me sneeze and shiver

At dawn, she walks along golden rays,
Pierces my heart, infusing it with
Morning calm.
Her abode is in nature
On whose swing, she mirthfully swings;
Whose theatrical stage her whirling legs beat;
In whose divinity she has mingled, drinking in
Seraphic beauty, reveling in escapades….
I foolishly wept at her grave

(Published in “The Poetic Bond”, UK, Nov. 2011)
Her New Abode

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