You’re No One to Care!

Hey! I’m going far away…
No trace shall hopefully be found

But sometimes I do wonder:
Would you care to find me out!

You know! The flowery rolled sheet
Just lies around–
As if two beings slipped away

With vacuum widening
By the day

You know! The music, drawing two beings closer,
With dim lights at the party-

Is consistently slowing down
As if from city to lone jungle
I ran away

You know! The companionship during amusing journeys
Would unravel
Like a lovely, unfinished tale:
No memories to cherish ever, no pictures for the frame

You know! The visits to toy shops
With babies held in arms-
Would be like a crashing plane
That soared
Too high

You know! Lots of ordinary things
With amazing significance
Would have never advanced beyond 
Lane of my dream!

You know! I know–
You are no one to care!

You’re No One to Care!

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