Sleep that lured lashes into dormancy
perching like a fidgety bird
would be erect with expression of owl’s eyes

Knocks of enlightenment
that aroused the mind
to drink
from the sea of omniscience,
refusing to see limitation
would stop abruptly

Music that revealed the depths of 
pleasure and peace
would appear robbed-
the surviving periphery
bearing splashes
of pearls ripped

Fancied delight in viewing from the Light Rail Station
the mist-covered hills and drizzling rays
would  like a fast-moving rail vanish


If fatigue could be treasured,
paradise would not have been far away;

If the hunger of learning persisted
insights would have been far richer today;

If music had charm intact
ears would have been spared of sighs;

If the spectacle of nature held on to mystery
newer verses would have seen the light
Ah! On Mondays these moments
would have been nostalgic intolerably —

What have I to regret ?


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