A Virgin’s Conviction

Virginity is something that came to her

Not by chance

But out of conviction:

No matter the world laughs

And finds her awkward


Other girls can’t stand her- who wish

She’ll take dip in the pond

Where for gratification

They immerse themselves

Often and on:

Like the fox without tail that boasts

How smart it’s to be tailless

They subtly try to impress on her

How they’re sucking fruit of youth

With complete enjoyment;

How ably they’ve shaken off the “yoke”

Of chastity and restraint

For a woman they contend shouldn’t be confined

To one man’s love ever;

For they are the “bold” ladies of this generation—

Their “poor” mothers gave themselves just

To their fathers!


When these girls indulge in jokes

On the nights they gleefully spend,

She’s happy to be among kids

Who tell her innocent tales;

When they take delight in showing

Signs of their boyfriends’ kisses,

She seeks joy in art, in kids’ plays,

And in what nature has to offer


She goes unappreciated

But she won’t change her course—

The world will have to bow

She’ll never give in!

A Virgin’s Conviction

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