A Virgin’s Pain

With keen eyes and great hopes
She waits for the door to open:
A man with love and committed to fidelity
Would be standing–with arms open.

For both it will be the first touch
Akin to the feeling an infant gets
With its first walk!
Many firsts and many things to know:
They’ll have no time to quarrel.

She assumes before they met
They‘d been on opposite ends
Of the same path-
She didn’t diverge, nor would he have ever

That’s her fantasy that seemed
So ordinary a dream:
It’s hard to find such a man
When promiscuity is rife


He fails to understand her,
Her “unusual, unpleasant” behavior
She’s found passionless- she refuses to come closer

She treasures though an unseen wealth of love
So enormous
That love gotten from a thousand women
Would appear minuscule:
She’d like him to wait till she’s his

She doesn’t reveal it though
Her emotions are anchored to hesitation,
To the fear that he won’t believe it
And would demand as a proof
Taste of her flesh!

He’s used to wearing used garments:
With her fabric intact, he feels suffocated;
He has fantasies of sucking her body
She visualizes being his shield
Taking upon herself every calamity

She hides from him silent adoration:
In quiet romantic moods when he’s not around,
She begs herself for permission
To kiss him–in imagination

When he deserts her
With no success in love-making
She learns she’ll die with the treasure
She’d guarded for him so long
But it’s something that can’t be given
In charity!



Discern the virgin’s love in her smile, in her laughter
It’s challenging-
Are you shying away?

Discern it in the silly conversation
She started out of innocence:
She doesn’t know the art of using words
You’d like to hear

Discern it in her offer to help you with domestic chores,
In preparing meals for you and helping you clean dishes afterwards,
In her instant readiness to go where you want to take her

Ah! How trivial these hints seem to you:

Can’t things that seem plain
Hold significance
Just as a mine holds diamonds?

The glaze of glass has blurred your vision
Diamond to you is non-existent
When you learn to differentiate one from the other
Like the sky her love would become clear


You are full of complaints to her
But are you aware of a virgin’s pain?

She did crave someone
As fresh
As a pearl in oyster

She’s willing to forgo her wishful desire
For she’s in love with you
She has her heart to give
Just to you

If all you want is flesh—
A whore’s door
Knock at!


A Virgin’s Pain

4 thoughts on “A Virgin’s Pain

  1. Peter Raath says:

    Hello Romi,
    We are now linked. I want to ask your opinion/advice. I am thinking of publishing, in small volume, an anthology of poetry. What I want to ask is this; is it acceptable to use variations on existing poetry, like the Powys-Mathys interpretation of the Chaurapanchasika, called “Black marigolds”? And do you think that lyrics of songs are acceptable as poetry in such an anthology?

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