He treats with you delicacy
You melt down too soon
A melted wax solidifies
Only you keep thinning out

Your life interwoven with his
This dream you dream;
You’re amused
Your friends have not such jewel

The swing of imagination
Takes you to stars
Where you find your home
Casting away those
Who till now were so close
But you are absolutely guilt-free
Ah! Nothing is as dear as he

Your interest in him propels his adventure
His softness turns into a claw:
He has no patience to hear you talk about
“Silly” things that suits women’s world

His instant, rough grasp bruises your body, your mind
For the first time you discover
You’re not yourself!
But supple breasts, soft arms-
Everything that gratifies

The house that was built amidst stars
Collapses down onto earth
It’s your friends that possess diamonds
You learn;
You’d been rusted by iron!


4 thoughts on “Deception

  1. enjoyed it, your words take us to outer space, great imaginations.

    glad to meet.

    inviting you to join poets rally today, submit a free verse or a poem of your choice, make poetic friends, and get recognized by your peers when you participate two or three rally weeks in a row.

    hope to see you in.

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