The poems in this book, I hope, will serve as a bridge to connect me with the hearts of the readers. In the age of advanced information and communications technology, networks are easily and instantly created, but technology cannot help people conquer aloofness unless hearts speak to hearts. Poems – the fountain of emotions- can pave the way for inter-heart connectivity. When I say so, I mean that I have versified not only the feelings billowing in my heart or the thoughts overwhelming my mind but also the emotions that fellow human beings might be experiencing under certain situations. What others feel I could feel!

Personally, poem- writing gives me unfathomable delight, and above all, it absorbs the unpleasant moments that sometimes intervene with an otherwise peaceful life. I have been writing poems for many years now; I remember having written a poem on a spider web in my father’s office when I was in high school and a small poem on my doll with blue eyes when I was nine years old. But Spring 2008 will ever be a memorable year for me because it coincided with the spring of creativity in me; most of the poems in this book were composed then- I would specifically mention my favorites: “Poetry! You Resurrect Me” and “A Poet’s Prayer”.

I know what poems mean to me. But I sometimes wonder how I write poems; what a poem is! Perhaps, poetry exists in the world another—in the Platonic ideal world, and poems are manifestations of this supreme reality. As such, the Queen in the poetic kingdom dictates the creation of verses. The nature of the Queen herself is befuddling. She may be innocent but a powerful passion in the soul; she may be the transcendental soul that epitomizes force everywhere! Whoever be the spirit behind the creation of poems, I would say a poem carries a magnetic charm that is ineffaceable, toward which words gravitate as if a bird has been released from the cage and which flies away to be one with the sky—the abode of freedom and peace, the sphere of a gay fluttering, the microcosm of order and unfolding dreams. A poem likewise is an azure of unbound self-expression, of a comforting refuge from the dreary, ugly, soulless world, and of a fantasized reality of unfulfilled dreams!

I hope readers will be kind enough to pardon this digression; I could not resist the temptation to share my feelings, even at the cost of appearing crazy! My thanks in advance to readers; they are most welcome to share their feedbacks with me at .


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