Poetry! You Resurrect Me

When emotions seep through eyes,
Spout from mouth, or mirror in face
I exist not—I die
Poetry! You resurrect me then—
The stormy commotion, stirred in the heart,
Forces the passions to flow on to inert
Fingers which move and spin verses
Under your spell— with fabric of rhyme.

Poetry! When I sleep, you kiss my eyes
As if a silky curtain brushed me in the wind—
Imagination swiftly moves into the resting mind,
Creating ferment, unraveling slumbering nerves;
Furious whirlwind of vivid images blows
That’s the occasion of mind-heart bonhomie
The congenital friction fades:
Mind flashes the fantasy, the form of poetic edifice
The heart supplies materials, spurting out passions
Like a dormant volcano spewing out lava enormous.

Poetry! Your essence films my eyes
That see everywhere the life:
Sensitivity in the soft sand
Pride in the upright hills
Exuberance in the mirthful whirl
Poetry! I hear music in the rolling waves,
Detect sorrow in a lone rock, discern ambition
In the river flow, see anger in the sun glow.

Poetry! Chew me, and squeeze the lyrical juice
The fluid would fall in verses, wetting the
The dry, dull paper with odes melodious
Poetry! Coil around me like serpentine love
I’ve no desire to break free!
Poetry! On my deathbed, do sing a farewell song
The spirit would enjoy departure, treading on
The vibrating waves of your rendition.

Source: IJAA, Jaipur, 2009.

Poetry! You Resurrect Me

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