Aroused Fancies Lack the Spirit!

Dalliance in reveries is enough to thrill!
But aroused fancies lack the spirit!

No warmth to ever rain on the lips
No shyness to ever cloud the lashes
No ecstatic pulsation to be ever felt on
The bosom—
No musing ever over revelation of the
Titillating treasure.

No delightful commotion to ever issue
From the vibrating life—
No vividness of the moment
That implanted the pearl;
No pleasure to spring
From caressing of the shell.

To overcome the blizzard
Coat is the companion:
There will never be a
Melting hug
And sensation will ever be frozen!

Published in IJAA, Jaipur, 2009.

Aroused Fancies Lack the Spirit!

3 thoughts on “Aroused Fancies Lack the Spirit!

  1. I would like to feature your poetry on my blog. I have been doing it since September and would like to include Aroused Fancies Lack the Spirit! in my Poetic License segment. I will of course give you full credit and a link back to your site. Additionally, every four months I also combine the previous months into one large post. If you don’t mind please let me know.

    Here is the link to the November Poetic License ( if you would like to see that before making up your mind. Thank you for your consideration, regardless of your decision. By the way, it will be posted in May if you agree to it. I’m happy to say the other months are already filled.

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