A Poet’s Prayer

O Mother! Illuminate my mind with bright imagination
Drain away the darkness—sorrow and fear!

Still mind is to poet what stagnation is to river:
May creativity sweep away calmness
And into a ceaselessly stormy ocean turn the mind
Wherein roll wild, stirring waves of creative thought,
Formed into green cumulonimbus clouds of odes,
Flashing blue creative light,
Soaking through the poetic world.

O Mother! May my mind be a perennial river, an evergreen tree,
An incessantly burning fire, a furiously blowing zephyr,
A blooming flower that withers never, a glittering star that
To a white dwarf is reduced never.

May my mind be a rich landscape of poetic passions,
Like a rainbow showing up on the mental spectrum
May it flow like a joyous waterfall
Not like an intermittent runnel.

O Mother! May divinity descend into my mind as its abode!
Let not death solidify magma of imagery:
May the ash of verses ever be spewed.

Immortality I seek, seek therefore I turmoil—
Rest and peace they seek who from grave shall never rise
May in the graveyard of supreme creativity I lie:
Amidst utter serenity I rise– from its lap at mid-night,
Singing weird, sweet songs, exposing the myth of sorrow.

May marble orchard provide unheard music—
Larynx-roar push forth resonating echo;
May bliss float in rhythmic music rays—
The world fall in love with death,
Yearning for burial in the exclusive necropolis
Where poets sleep with creative forces!

From IJAA, Jaipur, 2009

A Poet’s Prayer

2 thoughts on “A Poet’s Prayer

  1. Alive aLwaYs says:

    I can see the creative forces that you possess. Nice going!

    A poet’s prayer,
    not with hands clapping,
    but with words,
    cooperating as one.

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