Mini Skirts and Self-Confidence

During my stay in San Francisco as an MBA student, a 17-year old Indian girl offered her mini skirt to me, saying it would make me feel confident. I politely refused the offer.

I don’t think I need to wear a mini skirt in order to feel confident. Further, the resulting glances of males at my thighs would cause me embarrassment rather than bolster my confidence.

Some girls consider themselves “bold” because they don’t care if guys stare at them. In fact, they do care if they don’t ! Well, it is hypocrisy on the part of such females that while they complain of males’ amorous glances and flirtations, these very glances and flirtations raise their confidence level, stimulating them to expose themselves further and make their sex appeal spicier.

On the one hand, a modern girl clamors for an independent life- free from the male influence- on the other, she craves male attention for self-confidence!

Mini Skirts and Self-Confidence

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