Real Goddesses versus Unofficial Prostitutes

In the increasingly glamorous society of ours, “unofficial” prostitutes have come to be worshipped as “devis” or goddesses as if they have descended to the earth from some surreal world. On the contrary, the real “devis” – women who have upheld the arduous, unromantic ideal of womanhood don’t get the due respect and deference that they deserve. These real “devis” are not sexy—they have lost the sheen of the face and the delicacy of the figure by devoting their lives to their families; they are the loyal spouses who never waver in fidelity; they are the women of character would prefer death and starvation to the loss of modesty, and no force is strong enough to drive them to barter their dignity for money or glamour.

“Unofficial” prostitutes are those who, though not engaged in flesh trade, sell off their modesty in exchange for a life of luxury, for a place in the world of glamour or for perks and promotions. Also included in this category are the nude cover girls or film stars who “boldly” ( in fact shamelessly and indecently) exhibit their flesh—their favorite exposure is apparently the breasts. Why such categorization? Both “conventional” prostitutes and “unofficial” ones knowingly and purposefully arouse sexual passions of clients/fans or consumers; both gratify those passions—the difference is of the degree and of the mode of touch. What then is the difference? Prostitutes earn a bad name; unofficial prostitutes earn fame!
It is indeed a travesty of our society that victims of rape and forced prostitution lead horribly stigmatized lives.

New Parameters of Being a Bold and Modern Girl

• One who is extremely liberal –who frowns upon the ideals of fidelity, virginity, and modesty
• Who bares her chest and would even decorate it to show it off
• Who is not embarrassed by the amorous glances of males; rather such glances prompt her to cross any limit whatsoever to expose herself.
• Who is flirtatious.

Casting couch

We come across news stories of sexual exploitation of girls by film directors/ producers. I personally believe that those girls who can go to any extent to fulfill their cherished dreams are not worthy of any sympathy.

A woman of character would rather shatter the arrogance of a wealthy or influential male by not compromising on her modesty.

A woman raped is purer than a woman who succumbs to temptations!

Real Goddesses versus Unofficial Prostitutes

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