Child laborers

In their hands is the hammer, not toys
Ripped through maternal lap, labor they in mine-
For bread, for pence, not butter, not wealth.

The stomach groans-the roaring suppressed
In confines of stifling cave;
The feeble body reduced to a desiccated grape.

On their helplessness and docility the sharks prey-
Labor hours elongate, but not the bread;
The body aches, no recompense
For the masters flesh is available too.

Shorn of dignity… bereft of self-worth, labor and
Labor they,
Holding in check fantasies of joyous childhood.

(Published in International Zeitschrift, May 2010)

Child laborers

One thought on “Child laborers

  1. It is so interesting that throughout the world child laborers are still abused…in US as farm laborers even though there laws…but not of much value if not enforced. Thanks for your poem on this subject.

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