Media and Sex

“John and Bipasha clicked in bed.” It has become national news in India, thanks to the media. Electronic version of a leading national daily is carrying flash demos of the couple in bed. Win win! The actors got the much desired publicity, while the media proudly performed its social obligation!

We complain of the expanding empire of pornography. Who is responsible? If the media cannot curb pornography, it should at least stay away from stimulating sexual passions. By publishing erotic literature and sexually provocative pictures or scenes, media has been rather fueling pornography.

The demon of competition in the industry should not become so powerful as to dull the senses of media owners—media houses seem willing to cross any barrier whatsoever to withstand competition and beat their rivals; in the absence of censorship, they won’t even shy away from becoming visual or print porn showcases.

What is it if it’s not hypocrisy when the media, projecting itself as the vanguard of social interests, publishes scholarly articles on corporate responsibility or good governance? It wrongly assumes its job is over when it has published news stories of corruption or provided an editorial or so castigating the heinous deeds of prominent personalities or politicians.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan said in a speech that the film industry should not only cater to people’s tastes but should also elevate their tastes. It should exactly be the case with the media industry.

We need leaders of integrity in the media industry who discard petty means of promoting a business. We need such strong, bold and confident leaders who will defy the prevailing and much exploited mantra of success, viz., appealing to baser passions, and who will possess the shrewdness and business acumen of an entrepreneur in order to run a successful business while basing their organization on the unshaky foundation of ethics and social commitment.

Media and Sex

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